Rules of nozzle assembly


Before installing new nozzles (injector tips) please refer to engine’s and fuel injection’s manufacturers’ basic recommendations. This will help you avoid troubles wit malfunctioning injectors, you will increase their longevity and reliability.

The nozzle is the most precise part of injector. The gap between nozzle body and the needle does not exceed two thousandths of millimeter. The nozzles is inseparable precise pair whose parts cannot be exchanged or replaced.

Nozzle manufactured by our company is thoroughly examined, cleaned of all impurities and preserved with special fluid. Even tiniest particle of rust, metal chips or dirt can cause the needle to seize in the nozzle and it’s damage. Therefore strict purity of injector, tester, testing oil and cleanliness of working environment is required. Before regulation on the tester removing of preservation fluid is required.

Torque values provided by engine and fuel injection equipment manufacturers’ for tightening the injector in the cylinder head and the nozzle to the nozzle body are of utmost importance. To much tightening force can cause deformity of nozzle body in high temperatures and in consequence seizure (jam, suspension) of the needle in nozzle body, therefore it’s absolutely necessary to follow instructions with regards to nut tightening torque while assembling the injector.

Our nozzles guarantee long term and reliable operation, low fuel consumption, no smoke, low emissions and problem free engine start under the condition that proper opening pressure regulation is performed. This is done on a special tester for checking and regulating injectors.

Tightness of the nozzle and injector connection depends mainly on the degree of injector wear ie. Inserts, body, spring, rod, therefore when replacing nozzle it’s necessary to inspect the injector and replace worn elements.

Highest quality of WUZETEM nozzles and properly installed and adjusted testing equipment provide long-term satisfaction to their users.