Polska Spółka Warszawskie Zakłady Mechaniczne "PZL-WZM" w Warszawie S.A. is a manufacturer of elements for injection systems, used in diesel engines.

Under the brand WUZETEM operates on the Automotive Aftermarket since 1951 (for 70 years) and manufactures products equivalent to those delivered by Original Equipment Market (OEM) companies.

The Company is one of the world’s few manufacturers and Poland’s only manufacturer of spare parts for diesel engine injection systems and fuel injectors. Development of the company is based on, among others, implementation of tools derived from "Industry 4.0" and progress in the automation and robotization of production processes. In a constantly retrofitted machine park the state-of-the-art technologies are applied.


WUZETEM employs experienced engineering, technical and manufacturing staff, and takes advantage of a full measuring and laboratory backing. It has a manufacturing capacity in thermal and thermal and chemical treatment (vacuum quenching, carbonizing and nitriding technologies) and mechanical treatment (in machining, with use of metal part turning and grinding technologies) at its disposal.The company strives to achieve the leading role as a manufacturer on the automotive aftermarket, whose products shall be the first choice in terms of quality and reliability.

WUZETEM means 70 years of experience and tradition, and reliable products that, under the brand, are delivered to customers both in the US and Europe.

WUZETEM. The highest level of precision.
Driving Automotive. Together for 70 years.

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WUZETEM as a manufacturer of fuel injection equipment for Diesel engines aims to be the strongest and most recognized Brand on Automotive After Market, with regards to quality, achieving precision under 0.5 micron.


ul. Piastowska 67
05-850 Jawczyce

NIP: 525-000-08-60
REGON: 012078978

tel.: +48 22 841 32 01
fax: +48 22 841 85 68

e-mail: wuzetem@wuzetem.pl

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