The greatest value of WUZETEM are employees. Their potential translates into innovative company development.

We provide high standards of work in the sphere of security and attractive employment conditions. We take care of our employees and pensioners. We build a culture of knowledge sharing in the organization, so that the development of our employees influences the development of the entire organization. We care about improving the qualifications of our employees by providing them with the opportunity to participate in training and development programs.

One of the assumptions of WUZETEM personnel strategy as employees of the Company is the creation of an internal labor market as part of internal recruitment. Such recruitment allows employees to change their current job position, organizational unit.

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WUZETEM as a manufacturer of fuel injection equipment for Diesel engines aims to be the strongest and most recognized Brand on Automotive After Market, with regards to quality, achieving precision under 0.5 micron.


ul. Piastowska 67
05-850 Jawczyce

NIP: 525-000-08-60
REGON: 012078978

tel.: +48 22 841 32 01
fax: +48 22 841 85 68


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