Heat treatment

WUZETEM has been present for nearly 70 years in metalworking and manufacturing of advanced precision pairs. In the production of parts for injection systems we use advanced thermal treatment technologies based on our long experience and collaboration with research institutes. We leverage the experience of market leaders in thermal treatment technology. We collaborate with them by creating unique, original technologies dedicated for various materials, upgrading durability and functional parameters of our products. We test the products in our own modern metallographic laboratory. We have an experienced engineering, technical and production staff at our disposal. We have high competencies in production organisation supported by long experience in completion of deliveries for the first equipment for the automotive industry.

Currently we have production capabilities in thermal and thermo-chemical treatment, and vacuum hardening, carbonizing and nitriding technologies in particular.

Please find below PDF files which contain detailed description of our technical capabilities in thermal treatment of metals.

Please contact us at uslugi@wuzetem.pl. Our team will analyse your inquiry, clarify parameters and give you a particular offer.

  1. Service card - Heat Treatment and Case Hardening Services

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WUZETEM as a manufacturer of fuel injection equipment for Diesel engines aims to be the strongest and most recognized Brand on Automotive After Market, with regards to quality, achieving precision under 0.5 micron.


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