Mechanical machining

WUZETEM has been present for nearly 70 years in metalworking and manufacturing of advanced precision pairs. We use long, processing experience of our own and leaders of the market in preparation of specialist metalworking machinery and equipment. We collaborate with them, creating unique, original technical solutions. We have an experienced engineering, technical and production staff at our disposal. We own a full measuring and laboratory facilities. We have high competencies in production organisation supported by long experience in completion of deliveries for the first equipment for the automotive industry.

Currently we are have production capabilities in machining using turning and grinding of metal parts. Our products are characterised by an exceptionally high precision (precision below 1 micron).

Please find below PDF files which contain detailed description of our technical capabilities in mechanical machining and machinery and equipment we have at our disposal.

Please contact us at Our team will analyse your inquiry, clarify parameters and give you a particular offer.

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