Diesel engine injectors for special applications

WUZETEM at the beginning of its activity produced complete injection systems for the needs of the military industry and Polish manufacturers of diesel engines. The factory supplied injectors and injection pumps for large stationary and traction engines, among others tank engines and armored transporters. At the peak of the production, 20,000 injectors were produced per month.

At present, WUZETEM has a production technology for special purpose injectors in accordance with the following list:


No. OEM Injector number
Type of engine Type of combat vehicle
1. 317-00-33 V92S2 Czołg T-90
2. 317-00-43 V46-6 Czołg T-72
3. 317-00-38 V-31MF, B-31MF DET 150, DET 250
4. 1317-00-1 S-12U Czołg PT-91
5. 20-17-00 UTD-20 Wóz bojowy BMP, BRM, BWP


The company is able to start production of other Diesel engine injectors for special applications, based on provided technical drawings or samples for reverse engineering process.